Bockchaingers Hackathon 17/18 #BC1718

This is the full series of podcasts from the Blockchaingers hackathon 17/18!

We spoke with inspiring teams & people and you can hear about them in our podcast special. We tried to post as much as possible so it really feels like you have been there yourself!

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BC1718 Hackathon Sunday #4: The finalists

On the balcony we caught the reactions of the finalists.
Releaved, excited and ready for what's next. The Blockchaingers Hackathon resulted in a great line up of projects! Congrats teams #Unchain, #FHICT, #Consense, #Bencom, #CellBlock42, #TheLedger & #Kryha. We loved it!

BC1718 Hackathon Sunday #5: Prince Constantijn

Prince Constantijn, special envoy for Startup Delta
Right after the Prince rocked the Blockchaingers main stage, he shared his thoughts on the blockchain communities & the Dutch position in these with us.

BC1718 Hackathon Sunday #3: Psycho Jedi & Team Compliancy Chain

Jedi psychologist Miriam Frijters covered the global identity track. Learn why they needed a psychologist!

Rudof van Ee of Compliancy Chain
Compliancy train works on efficiency, compliancy and privacy by design on chamber of commerce data.

BC1718 Hackathon Sunday #2: Team Odd.Bot & Team Blockproof just pitched!

Martijn Lukaart of team Odd.Bot performed his afterpich
Explaining their robot university and human friendly automated future!

Ernst Fluttert of Blockproof explained
Blockproof solves the problem of administration and audits at law enforcement organisations. This seems to be a millions of euros use case!

BC1718 Hackathon Sunday #1: Team VerindenKey, Team Pepitas proceedings, Team Innovation Matters

William Skannerup of team VeridenKey William’s team VeridenKey pitches a secure, standardized and easy-to-use platform for identity management, built on a public blockchain hosted by the participating partners of the network. #gdi

Eveline Klumpers en Felice van der Sandt with Pepitas working hard to finish their canvas. Sitting on top of their table. #et

Oelfier den Haselaar of team Innovation matters
Oelfier’s team made a IOT device that communicates with a distributed ledger (IOTA Tangle) that allows consumers to enter time-of-use energy contracts without providing traceable privacy-sensitive metered data. #et

BC1718 Hackathon Saturday #7: Rutger van Zuidam

Rutger van Zuidam, initiator of Blockchaingers Hackathon
We had the privilege to interview Rutger about this second successful blockchain hackathon. Rutger has a great announcement, so make sure you listen the complete podcast!

BC1718 Hackathon Saturday #6: Team DeChained and Team Zero Five-0

Rinke Hendriksen & Wietze Bijl of DeChained
Dechained builds a new self-servicing commercial register on a public ledger for entrepreneurs to start their digital businesses. Privately and secure but easily accessible for (international) external parties who want to conduct business. #dni

Hans Bos of Zero Five-0
Hans works on using blockchain to provide an audit trail for the police in accordance with the BOB Act. #pss (BOB act is a regulation on special investigations)

BC1718 Hackathon Saturday #5: Team CatchUp and Team Windmill Village

Marieke de Ruyter de Wildt & Johannes Bertens of Team CatchUp!
CatchUp, for zero tomato waste!

Joris van der Steuijt of Team Windmill Village
The community of Everdingen is going to use electricity from the shared windmill. They will use the revenue of the surplus to invest in local society.

BC1718 Hackathon Saturday #4: Team Rxdical, team FHICT Chaingers and Tu Do Link

Desmond Vrede of team Rxdical
Rxdical puts your vaccination records on the blockchain. With doctors on their team they have in-depth knowledge available about real-life challenges in this field. #health

Eveline Druncks of the FHICT Chaingers team Eveline's team aims to create a form of pension that can be used to raise an additional pension by saving a small amount of money. #fop

Astone Shi of Tu Do Link Tu Do Link builds a network that links idle computers together in order to make this computer power available for research purposes. #dni

BC1718 Hackathon Saturday #3: Team TapGuard, and Team

Sander Ossenkoppele and Ruben Haring of team TapGuard
By introducing TapGuard "de sleepwet" will be unnecessary. While the privacy for the citizens is kept completely intact, the police will receive more advanced tools to improve public safety. #pss

Martijn Lukaart and Gert-Jan Bierstelten of team uses swarm technology and simple nodes to create the friendly robot ecosystem the future needs. #m2m

#BC1718 Saturday #2: Team Unchain and the Ledgacy Team

Arjeh van Oijen of the team
Arjeh is building a solution to make the chain of distribution of medicines more trustworthy. It will help the consumer know more about the origin of their medicine. #health

Adri Wischmann of the Ledgacy team
Adri solves the problem that keeps every crypto holder awake at night: How do I keep my private keys safe and how do I secure my crypto legacy? #fop

#BC1718 Saturday #1: Team Wrap it Up, and #GDI track partner Mattereum

Ron Dijkstra with Team Repitup
Repitup uses data of the Chamber of Commerce to build an ecosystem that enables community backed entrepreneurship. #dni

Rieke Smakman of Mattereum, partner of the #GDI track
Rieke is general counsel of Mattereum. Mattereum enables suppliers and customers to connect through blockchain.

#BC1718 Friday #2: Team Redy, Team Pepitas & a Jedi

Tey El Rjula with Team Redy
Tey works with the Dutch Red Cross on a solution for identity and emergency aid in the Redy team.

Eveline Klumpers en Felice van der Sandt with Team Pepitas
Eveline and Felice entered the hackathon with their all female team Pepitas. They aim to create transparency, trust and ownership of data shared for energy transactions in the transition to a clean and green supply in the (individual) energy market. They will leverage privacy by design.

Neil Smith, Jedi
Neil is a Jedi in the energy transition track. He provides teams with advise and helps them develop their ideas.

#BC1718 Friday #1: Team WeQuest & Radboud Wanders

Peter Willemsen with WeQuest
Peter is a coder on the WeQuest team. They plan to disrupt capitalism. Their machine to machine payment system provides a mechanism for basic income.

Radboud Wanders, artist
Radboud is an artist that captures the day in drawings. We spoke to him while he was drawing a group working on their blockchain solution for working together with different professions.

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